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What!?! I could of voted!!!

Yes ladies and gentlemen, I very recently found out that I, as an non-EU citizen residing in Ireland, can actually vote. Well at least for the local elections.

What surprised me the most is that none of the candidates happen to mention it whenever he or she knocked on my door asking for our #1 vote.Them out of all people know who important every vote counts.

I couldn’t help but speculate on few strong reasons why the candidates didn’t approach someone like me. Is it because we are just visitors here and our opinion are not as valuable? Or is it because they just simply didn’t know? In my experience the fact that many Irish nationals, especially the senior citizens, generally find it difficult to talk to foreigners probably played some part in the candidates ignoring almost 20% of the population.

What do you think? Do you know why? I would love to hear what you the reader thinks of all this.

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The Bodega Experience!

My oh my what a night that was! VIP list, complimentary drinks, eccentric looking people. Felt like an artists and musicians after party. I guess wearing sunglasses at 10pm kind of gave them away.

Last night I was invited to the opening of a newly revamped restaurant/club called Bodega. Most of you might know it if you ever lived anywhere around Cork.  First time it felt like I wasn’t in Ireland. The club didn’t resemble any other you might find in the country. At first you are welcomed by two nice doormen (one of which happen to be a friend), up few steps through heavy oak glass doors and into a massive venue, gazing your eyes all the way up to mostly glass ceilings more then ten meter high! You are then hit by tall white pillars all the way up to the roof joined by archways in between.  Suddenly you notice with the corner of your left eye a darkness covering the entire venue wall realizing it was the bar extending from one end to the other. Complete oak finish with amazing carvings protected by a long brass border. The back stretching all the way up to the roof. At the top, evenly spread out, hangs gold leafed cupids looking down scanning the floor for their next pair of star crossed lovers, beautiful.

The theme portrayed simplistic twenties colonial feel with an African touch.  Noticeable by the Palm trees a planted in most corners. Four bars placed throughout venue.  Two on the ground floor and two on the top. Each with its unique features. Jam packed with guests struggling for that last free order of beer or wine glass before the tills open for business. The buzz was good with standard mix of 90s to new music, but unfortunately it was short lived when the  bouncers asked us to leave as they had to close for 11:30 curfew, I guess giving us ample time before turning into pumpkins.

The night was ended with a quick stop at Dominos and a nice hot slice of pizza!

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“Vote 1” But Who?!

“Man of the People”…. “No Party… just you”… “Real Capital, Real MEP”…”Peoples Issues are my Issues”… and on and on and on. The main and most important question is, who do you trust to deliver?

For the past few weeks I have been going around discussing with friends and colleagues about the elections. To my surprise, most are actually voting on the 5th. My predictions would have been a massive boycott on a National level.

Many Polls done by the media indicate that there certainly is a shift from the norm when it comes to choosing a Party, whether the Fianna Fail or Labour or any other, it is happening. what I realised is that most of the shifts are not due the lack or increase of confidence by certain Parties (maybe just one), it is the Candidates themselves. Not one person I asked “Which Party you are electing?” really cared about that, they all were banking on the candidates themselves. Sinn Fain supporters voting for Fainna Fail, Fine Gaels voting for Labour. It was truly a battle among the candidates.

This leads me to an answer for my first question. At last! Power IS in the hands of the people. People in Ireland do want to see actual change and this time they are looking deeper than just the Party sign posts or flyers they are reaching out searching for the OBAMAS of this Nation!

So best of luck to who ever wins and may we see the change every voter is wishing for…

Tomorrow I will be visiting the voting stations for a personal experience. What a sight that will be.

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Burn Baby Burn

Shorts, tank-tops and bikinis were the order of the day with many basking under the scorching rays of the sun throughout the weekend. What a great day… or is it?!

The Irish love for the sunshine and the obsession for extreme tans. Something I will get my head around. The logic behind baking under the sun to the level of a freshly boiled lobster and then staying up all night crying your eyes out from the border line 3rd degree burns. Imagine the sight of bubbling blisters with pale orange ooze seeping out of them along with torn pieces off your dead skin from every part of your burnt body exposing your damp pink flesh to the unbearable pain every time you move a muscle.

Craziest of all it doesn’t end there! The next day everyone is out at it again burning for the “famous” George Hamilton tan. Lovely!?!

One thing comes to mind, I hope they saved the numbers 999 on speed dial, just in case.

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Flip-flops for Wellies!

Who in the world would have predicted four days of great sunny and WARM weather in Ireland!!! Well I guess the MET office did.

Dusting the BBQ out of the shed by four in the afternoon with the beers chilling in the fridge, all my friends were able to smell the burgers and sausages grilling ten blocks away.  The texts and calls went around, “Barbecue at Tarek’s!”, and within an hour I was serving more than twenty half flaming boys and girls in my back garden.  The good news is everyone came with a case or a bottle of the good stuff. Hale to the Irish generosity!

Never have I thought I would relive the RAK days when good friends dropped in unannounced for a good day out.

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Twitter in the head!

Yet another application to learn!

Just as I thought that i managed to downsize to only two social networks I get Twitter on my hands.

Just signed up and already getting hooked to all the messages I receive from I follow and them following me. But in the process I stumbled upon an interesting software called Digsby and am currently trying it. At the moment I love it. You can add all the social networks, emails, IMs (except Skype) all into one window! I don’t have to log on to every single one anymore.

Just google the word and let me know what you think. As for twitter my username is bizmania.

Good luck!

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